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Hello! I’m MariCarmen

In Caramela we are passionate of handmade and natural things. We believe we can connect with our inner being through artistic expressions. In that sense, Crochet helps us uplift our spiritual souls in this busy fast-paced modern life we live in.

I’m MariCarmen. Passionate of crochet, handmade, nature, kids and parenting. If you let me, I will be your companion in your journey to discovering the Crochet world.


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“Learn crochet diving in your inner being, and explore your creativity.”

— MariCarmen

Essential oils

We’re having a raining cold Spring, windy and hard… At those times it’s even easier to see and feel the benefits of flowers in our bodies and minds!

The importance of surrounding ourselves in our homes with beautiful plants and flowers reflecting our inner positive thoughts! Helps to relax and brings a smile to our lifes!

And of course, to beat bad weather and negative thoughts  I use as well essential oils and CROCHET they are the SUN in a raining day…