Healthy can be simple with Essential Oils

Transform your health  & Live an Empowered Life

My life with essential oils

Essential oils have changed my life, and my family’s, in a way I feel blessed & empowered.

After over a decade suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, low energy and immunity, I consider doTerra was the missing piece in my journey to healing naturally and free from the toxic chemicals I was using both on my body and in my home.

It didn’t only bring me hope about healing but also I realized using essential oils was safe.

It was also simple to learn how to use them. Therefore, another journey began in parallel: easily I began to use them too with my husband, to heal his chronic sinus and anxiety, and with my children, to improve their immunity, help them with allergies, sleep or respiratory issues. In general, we happily realized the essential oils and supplements helps us to align with our spiritual values and views, keep us balanced and grounded and live a life with less stress, more hope, meaningfulness and with a purpose.

The training I received with my oils and my personal experience empowered me to take control of my health and wellbeing and my loved ones, both physically and emotionally, and in the process gave me the tools to leave my corporate job and start my own business as a wellness consultant.

Today, I love to offer workshops & consultations to people interested like you on the health benefits of essential oils and help you along your journey into a healthy emotional and physical natural life style.

How I use Essential Oils

I’m going to share more about how & why to use them, which ones have research to back them up, and why I’m a fan in an upcoming (free!) workshop.

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