Crochet Mug Cozy

19.00 VAT Included

In stock:
Combination of red and grey
– soft, strong, durable and light decoration
• Other colors and combinations available by request
• 100 Acrylic yarn
• Cotton, Organic or other types of yarn available by request



Valentine’s Crochet Cozy Mug/Cozy Cup

The cutest love-themed mug or cup cozy  you can wrap around your fave hot or cold drinks. I designed it specially for Valentine’s day but it can be used any time you want to celebrate love in your day to day. Sewed crocheted hearts + arrow appliques, specially designed for this cozy cup, for both standard sized mugs/cups – It can be easily adjust to other size mug/cup by request .

Toy stuffing 100% Polyester –highly fleecy, strong and durable bounce, hypoallergenic–1-1

Approximate Measurements:
• Outer diameter: 82mm
• Square Height: 65mm


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